CB750F: Day 12

Tonight was ostensibly the least exciting of any, but I got a ton of work done. Every carburetor and all of their supporting parts got a bath in the ultrasonic cleaner with 55/45 SimpleGreen/H20 tonight. Afterwards they got a solvent rinse and a thorough carburetor cleaner clean-down. It was so impressive how dirty they were outside; and to a lesser degree inside.
MacGregor Carb Cleaning Services guide has turned out to be stellar; the notes are brief and can be no briefer, everything is included there for a reason and failure to follow the instructions will result in unhappiness.
The light brass bristle brushes were really helpful for cleaning the carbs where the q-tips just didn’t do enough, but was still gentle no tearing up the metal anywhere. One mistake I mad was not to use an exacto, I used a bench-grinder instead. The tip got a little hot and melted, so again, do what the MacGregor guide says, it is really optimized! The tip about wrapping up the end of the cleaner tube was just great; the thing was though that you really have to blast the cleaner in there to even get a drizzle out of the pilot screw as expected. You can see the crud coming out of those carbs… geez!
Had one inspired though while the solution in the ultrasonic cleaner heated up to boiling and cooked my fingers… if we designed an ultrasonic cleaner that also worked as a deep-fryer, then after using the fryer, the machine could clean itself. It might just work.

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