CB750F: Day 24: That Changes Everything

Tonight I really wanted to see if I could make progress like the article did on polishing your aluminum engine case so I bought some Dremel attachments. The results were generally nice, but didn’t get it all the way there. Since I had borrowed the Dremel, I removed some of the crudified paint from the right horn and grip assembly for future painting. At the end of the night I felt good, that it looked pretty decent, even though it is not a perfect mirror finish.
At the end of class Pat told us that this might be the last semester, ever. As such, I’m going to shelf the polishing, and spend spring break acquiring the necessary gear to complete the most important service tasks, eg: brake fluid change, new sprockets and chain, front fork fluid, and more.
At the end of my work, I sprayed down the engine with a very diluted Simple Green mixture to get the carb spray off and ended with using compressed air to get all of that included; I didn’t want anything that the plastic wouldn’t like on there.


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