How to chose a virus scanner for OSX

The requirements were really simple: runs on Mavericks, real time scanning on file access including compressed files, checks for Windows virii, and scans email messages (and attachments).

With those simple criteria the answer for me was either Avira or McAfee.

Here is some of the data.

Make Gut OSX Real Windows Email scan? Lic Thoughts
  feel? 10.9 Time virus      
Avira Nice Yes Yes Yes Yes Zero  
McAfee OK Yes Yes Yes Yes $ Corps like.
Sophos Nice Yes Yes Yes No Zero  
Avast Nice Yes Yes No Yes Zero No Win.
ClamXav Nice Yes No Yes No OSS No RTFS.
eScan Nice Yes? Yes No No $ No Win.
Norton OK Yes Yes ? Yes   Unknown Win.
F-Secure Nice Yes Yes? ? ? $ Do the basics?!
Kapersky OK No Yes Yes Yes $ No 10.9
Comodo OK No         No 10.9
ESET No           Do the basics?
MacKeeper No           Suspicious
Virex No           In beta.

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