How to choose a compressed file manager for OSX

The requirements were really simple: runs on Mavericks, has a nice GUI, lets
you browse the archive without extracting it, and may both create and extract

With those simple criteria the answer for me was Entropy.

Here is some of the data.

Make Gut OSX GUI Browse Create/ Lic Thoughts
  feel 10.9     Extract.    
          ZIP TAR RAR    
          GZ TGZ BZ2    
Entropy Nice Yes Yes Yes Yes $ Informative site.
Springy Nice Yes Yes Yes Yes $ Uninformative.
Zipeg OK Yes? Yes Yes Yes Zero Rare.
Stuffit Deluxe OK Yes Yes Yes ZIP,TAR,RAR    
B1 Nice Yes? Yes Yes ZIP,RAR   Little fmts.
BetterZip2             Don’t list
iPack No           No feat list.
iUnarchive OK Yes? Yes Yes 7z, ZIP   Not enough fmt.
Keka Nice           No screenshots.
The Unarchiver No           No screenshots.
7-zip Nice Yes No       No GUI.
Zip Browser No           ZIP only
Ez7z No           No longer dev’d.
7zX No           No screenshots.

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