Just Released Org2Blog v1.1.0

I just released Org2Blog v1.1.0.

Here are the release notes for bloggers:

  • Adds a simple and powerful user interface exposing every aspect of Org2Blog—many of which you may never have known even existed before.
    • Use the one-keypress help menu to look up the documentation behind every menu entry along with the function name behind it if you want to bind it to a key.
  • Includes the manual built-in to the application. It is the README.org so you don’t have to go to the web page to read it.
  • Expands on and revises every aspect of documentation including explanations and screenshots.
    • Blogging styles and strategies covered range from first-time blogging to advanced use with multiple blogs and diverse workflows.
  • Adds an API for automating bulk import of Org files when you want to move from another Org based blogging platform to Org2Blog.
  • Added a new logo:
    • A WordPress operator’s inky hand, colored by Org mode, cradles a special press plate for Org2Blog: Org2Blog’s first logo. Thank you Cari at Sepia Rainbow Designs for this brilliant logo.
  • Adds a built-in README with links to learn more about this project, how to start having fun blogging, and even how Free Software is critical to you as a user and society as a whole.

For developers and maintainers here are more.

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