Interested in testing Org2Blog v1.1.0?

Org2Blog v1.1.0 has some improvements to it. The README has a lot more in it. There is a user interface (Hydra) now that makes all of the features very visible and easy to use. Some code was refactored and some features were implemented and completed. There are a a lot more status and other messages to help make sense of what the application is doing. There is a Test Plan and notes about Contributing.

Tonight I finished coding and testing Org2Blog 1.1.0 as far as I can take it. You know the point where you lose the ability to see the artifacts anymore? That is where I am. Everything seems to work, I’ve been using it and “it works on my computer” lol. It is ready for folks that feel like trying out the new version. Folks who are patient and curious and pretty OK with bugs ranging from the dumb to the painful along with suggesting improvements for better documentation and even new functionality might enjoy this sort of thing.

The source code is here. If you want to try it out from a package here is the latest build.

Blogging With Emacs🐃 From Org2Blog🦄 to WordPress

Blogging from Org2Blog to WordPress just works and that is just about all there is to it. All of the markup works. Even MathJax works:

Brad told me that this is the most beautiful equation in mathematics:

Euler’s Formula: \(e^{ \pm i\theta } = \cos \theta \pm i\sin \theta\)

Thank you Brad. is this post itself 😄😮.

Start using it!

Org2Blog v1.0.0 Released!

Seven years ago today @punchagan made the first commit 4f41f5c on Org2Blog. He started what has grown to be a loved and adored Emacs package. Combining the power of Org-Mode with the gargantuan wealth of WordPress, Org2Blog unites the two creating one of the worlds most elegant blogging systems ever. Thousands of users around the world use it daily with big smiles on their faces.

Thank you @punchagan, contributors, issue and feature reporters, Org-Mode team, Emacs team and the Philosophy of the GNU Project for sharing this gift with the world.

After seven years of development, maintenance, support and new features along with years of stable use, Org2Blog is ready for a major release at v1.0.0.

By the way, it is exactly seven years today and I absolutely did not plan this timing at all!