BaoFeng UV-82WP Micro Review

The BaoFeng UV-82WP is a great first radio. It is my first radio. So my expectations are probably low. But I am pretty happy.

It does everything that it says it will do but I did not test it’s water-proof claims. And I won’t. It’s drop-ability is what I wanted, not sink-ability, and I have only tipped it over on my desk so far. It feels right, though.

It doesn’t creak when you squeeze it. It feels good in your hand; nothing fragile about it. Why spend a little more on basically a disposable radio? Because if it lasts then it doesn’t need to be disposable.

From what I read, its software seems to be like every other BaoFeng UV-82. CHIRP works with it. Upload, modify, and download work fine. You will be scanning repeaters in less than five minutes. It is that easy to use.

From what I see, the accessory attachment is completely different from every other UV-82 so you can not share accessories between them. Radioddity has accessories for it. They also seem to have everything else that looks fun, too.

For the price you can probably try out a few BaoFeng handhelds to see what you like. However, if you are only buying one, then this is a great start.

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