Interested in an online meditation group?

We are all so geographically distributed that it can be difficult to join a group in person let alone find one in your area so I’m setting one up online. It is as simple as joining a videoconference or even dialing in with a telephone.

Initial ideas are to simply have a fixed time every day where people can drop in as they wish (I would always be there to turn the lights on). Another idea is to coordinate with everyone planning on attending on a recurring schedule to find the best fixed time together.

Whether you are a long time meditator or interested in getting started for the first time (there are excellent resources for you and this is a great place for you to start): it would be true fellowship it is that simple.

If you are interested reply here, message me, or send me an email [email protected]. Feel free to share this with your friends and family and whomever else you see fit.

Have a great day.

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