PLT Web Server Changes

Jay, maintainer of the PLT Web Server, has recently made a lot of changes to make it easier for folks to get started with the app server. The latest change is in the documentation, per this post:

The PLT Web Server manual was organized too much like a reference manual with little guide to a user to understand how some modules fits in to the big picture. I’ve reorganized the documentation with the following paradigm:
— Running the Web Server
— Writing Servlets
— Extending the Web Server
Other improvement related to this: I’ve added examples to almost every servlet function. I have integrated the stateless and non-stateless servlet documentation to put stateless servlets on a more secure footing and make it clear that they are usable in real applications. I’ve created an HTTP sub-module that encapsulates most of the HTTP handling. (This will limit the need to use what used to be considered internal Web Server functions.)

Links: Docs, Writing Servlets, Stateless, and HTTP module.

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