Literate Programming in Scheme

The release notes here for PLT Scheme 4.1.5 mention support for literate programming. Not being familiar with the term; I read more about it on Wikipedia here.
I have wanted in-code documentation generation tools to serve this purpose; but I have never succeeded with them. It had always felt like I was battling the intent of the tool. Even Eiffel’s notion of different views on code-as-documentation never quite fit for me. This approach is fascinating; it allows for you to tell a story about the code as you write the code. Having posted to the PLT list asking about it here; two folks replied with details on this style and Scheme.
PLT Scheme recently added literate programming support; documented here. One example of its application is in Chat Noir here; and the source code for it may be viewed here (Thanks Robby).
A tool for literate programming in Scheme called is schemeweb located here (Thanks Phil).

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