bzlib/dbi – an extensible database interface for PLT

bzlib/dbi has just been made available via planet – inspired by Perl DBI, it is an extensible database interface, currently with the following drivers implemented:
bzlib/dbd-spgsql – wraps around schematics/spgsql
bzlib/dbd-jsqlite – wraps around jaymccarthy/sqlite
bzlib/dbd-jazmysql – wraps around jaz/mysql
bzlib/dbi/app – a kill-safe wrapper over raw database handles
bzlib/dbi/pool – a database connection pool wrapper
So if you need to switch within the three databases you now can do so more easily, and you get database connection pools and kill-safe wrappers for free.
You can find more details at – which explains more in details about the interface.

(via PLT)

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