A Scheme program that drives wheelchairs

You can read about a Scheme program that drives wheelchairs using machine learning and induction here:

;; Larceny version.
;; This program is part of a pattern recognition
;; system that drives a wheel-chair for quadriplegic
;; people: www.ciaem.org.br/ciaem.qps/Ref/QUIS-7GJP7J
;; A description of the complete system, written in
;; Scheme by Philippos, will be published in a paper
;; by Marcus Vinicius dos Santos, that can be reached
;; at web.mac.com/marcusvsantos/iWeb/Site/About%20Me.html
;; The wheel chair learns how to recognize EMG signals
;; from facial muscles. A neural network recognizes
;; the coeficients of a polynomial approximation of
;; the signal, and drives the chair accordingly.
;; The chair will be available soon, although the
;; pattern recognition version needs a special
;; order, and user training. This Larceny version
;; is not used in the chair prototype.
;; Store in file larcenet.scm

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