Scheme projects I would like to work on

Here are some fun and/or interesting Scheme projects that I would like to work on (eventually):

  • Comprehensive R6RS SRFI Unit Tests
  • A mega-repository for all of the R6RS libraries out there
  • A Ruby-subset interpreter
  • An expression-evaluation plugin for DrScheme

4 thoughts on “Scheme projects I would like to work on”

  1. Hi Paulo,
    Some day after I read PLAI I would like to implent an interpreter for a language other than Scheme which I would find interesting.
    Ruby is interesting because it has functional elements and despite/because-of that it is very popular. People seem to really like the syntax. Being OO, it is also very familiar for me. However, there are features that I think could be simplified. A few off the top of my head are proc versus lambda exit behavior, removing class eval, and allowing multiple procs as arguments to functions. It is seemingly small things that really change the face of the language. In addition to looking at stuff like this, I am just interested to see how Ruby really works and of course, how it looks to write interpreters :).

  2. Thanks for the comment, I have been been reading up on Ruby lately, that’s why I asked. I have to say that I am quite impressed with Ruby as a language. Also blowing my mind up is the maturity of rails, of which I didn’t no much till recently. Guess I am no web programmer…

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