Its really more of a sportbike…

Lately I’ve begun to notice that the seating position on the Connie really leans more towards an aggressive crouch than laid-back sitting-up-high relaxed. Coincidentally Stephen posted this on an unrelated topic:

Balance and adjustment are important on the Connie, she is after all more of a sport bike than a touring machine.

Point taken!
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Do you really want to rev it like that?

FYI, but engine stresses go up as the square of RPM.
IOW, double the revs, and you quadruple the stresses on the engine parts. Triple the revs, and you increase stress by a factor of 9x.
If there’s no compelling reason to have the engine spinning at high revs (ie, I want the power), I don’t.
Above is theoretical.

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When your Concours won't let you bumpstart it

As to not getting the bike in any gear but first, that is Kawasaki’s patented neutral finder. The bike must be moving five mph or faster to select second gear. You can defeat this by putting it on the centerstand and spinning the rear wheel by hand as fast as possible. You will then need to hold the clutch disengaged while taking the bike off the stand.

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