@dyalogapl Now Free for Non-Commercial Use

The announcement is here.

  • Great way to start the summer
    • Better for developers, too đŸ™‚
  • Free for non-commercial use
    • Paid for it before as it was worth it
    • Hope better pricing attracts more users
  • Performance speedups
    • Hashed array type speeds things up
  • More cross-platform tools including functions and IDE
    • RIDE will go open-source
    • More/easier Emacs integration?
  • Workspace can reference Unicode files
    • Changes are stored back in the file

GNU APL mode for Emacs

APL might pique your interest, but not enough for you take final step forward to start hacking with it. GNU APL is there, waiting for you. Still not enough?

Set up GNU APL mode for Emacs using use-package

(use-package gnu-apl-mode
  :ensure t)

or download it, extract it, and load it with a

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/path-to/gnu-apl-mode")
(require 'gnu-apl-mode)

Do you have any more reasons not to start hacking with GNU APL and Emacs?!

Never having studied a package like this before, it is educational. It is also revealing how much love and labor went into this delightful package.

Thanks you Elias MĂ¥rtenson; hear, hear!