Installed tailbrights on my Connie

Buck Sport Touring sells reflective stickers called Tailbrights that stick to the rear and side portions of the hard bags. Tonight I installed them. Installation was pretty simple; only had one or two bubbles on each of the stickers. I guess that you could make these yourself; but Buck Sport figured out the right shape, and I like to support companies that fill a niche like they do. The cool thing about them is that the stickers are black; so during the day you don’t even see them.
Here are some photos:

Virtual Gravel Rash

Tonight after removing some of the caked-on dust from under the seat, I decided to investigate the gravel rash on the right of the lower fairing of the bike.
Getting down on my hands and knees to take a look, expecting deep grooves, I was shocked to instead find something like silver paint stuck to the fairing. It was caked on there, maybe one or two millimeters. Using a damp paper towel though I was able to remove all of the shiny crud.
My best guess is that the previous owner rode into something, or something rode into him, that left the material there.
I like easy fixes!