Installing Jess 71p2 in Eclipse 4.2

  1. Downloaded “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers”.
  2. The file name is “”.
  3. This is release number 4.2 (Juno).
  4. Extracted the archive. Started Eclipse and stopped it.
  5. Extracted Jess plugins to the desired dir.
  6. Started Jess. Verified it’s presence.
  7. Installed GEF by using the built in “Juno” repository and searching for “GEF”. It showed up under “Modeling”. The installation took 10 minutes.
  8. Restarted Eclipse.

When you run this sample program:

; define the counter
(deftemplate counter
  (slot count (type integer) (default 0)))
; define the rule
(defrule switchme
  ?p <- (counter {count < 10})
  (printout t ?p.count crlf)
  (bind ?p.count (+ ?p.count 1)))
; initialise counter
(deffunction init ()
  (assert (counter (count 1))))
;initialise program
;run program

Then you get a nice structure breakdown and syntax-highlighting:

You can set breakpoints and get debug information:

Here is the Rete network:

Good to know it is available, not that I know the value of it yet! I’m just investigating the plugins.
Next step is to do the studying!

Uninstall Subversive

Although Subversive is the official Eclipse Subversion provider, the plugin itself doesn’t behave very well. In particular, it is impossible to uninstall it (v0.7) using the “Software Updates” dialog. The only option is to delete the jar files yourself (in 2001 I remember hoping that soon, we wouldn’t have to do stuff like this). Here are the files to delete:

(Disclaimer: this worked for me, I make no promises for what it might do to your Eclipse installation)