Eucalyptus e-text reader

Eucalyptus is an interesting app for a few reasons. One, it seems to provide a pleasant user experience. Two, it leverages freely available material (a lot of it). Three, it is breaking the trend of the 99c app pricing.
This looks like a real app into which a lot of work has been put. I look forward to finding what comes up it.
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Visiting the iPhone Dev SDK Forums

The iPhone Dev SDK Forums are just that; a collection of forums whose topics of discussion encompass just about every aspect of working in this market. Specific forum focuses range from low-level details of APIs and tooling to business topics like how best to market and support your product.
Having spent about an hour clicking around there; I got the impression that it was a pleasant community and look forward to spending more time there.

Cross-compiling Java to Objective-C for the iPhone

It seems that you can cross compile Java to Objective-C on the iPhone. I didn’t dig any deeper than that.
Here is the blurb for the technologies used:

The goal of XMLVM is to offer a flexible and extensible cross-compiler toolchain. Instead of cross-compiling on a source code level, XMLVM cross-compiles byte code instructions from Sun Microsystem’s virtual machine and Microsoft’s Common Language Runtime. The benefit of this approach is that byte code instructions are easier to cross-compile and the difficult parsing of a high-level programming language is left to a regular compiler. In XMLVM, byte code-based programs are represented as XML documents. This allows manipulation and translation of XMLVM-based programs using advanced XML technologies such as XSLT, XQuery, and XPath.

Apple’s iPhone has generated huge interest amongst users and developers alike. Like MacOS X, the iPhone development environment is based on Objective-C as the development language and Cocoa for the GUI library. The iPhone SDK license agreement does not permit the development of a virtual machine. Using XMLVM, we circumvent this problem by cross-compiling Java to the iPhone. Just like a Java application can be cross-compiled to AJAX, XMLVM can be used to cross-compile a Java application to Objective-C. The cross-compilation is also accomplished by mimicking a stack-based machine in Objective-C. Consider the instruction (integer remainder) that pops two integers off the stack and pushes their remainder after division back onto the stack. Using the following XSL template, the instruction can be mapped to Objective-C.

(via the PLT Mailing List)