Pending Backrest Cleanup

On my quest to rid my ride of rust I found the contaminants on the backrest mounts to be unacceptable. Take a look:

Sure it is not bad, but then again, it isn’t good, either.
I did replace all of the rusty bolts, however, the powdercoating seems to be eaten away and what is left remaining is a layer of rust.
Current investigating technical remediation for this that involve sandblasting and powdercoating.

Trickle Charging

Due to scheduling difficulties (project deadlines, semester endings, family homecomings), I put off hooking up my battery to a trickle charger (which I’d yet to purchase). After letting her sit around in the teens and single-digits (in a garage) for the last month or so I was pleasantly surprised to find that my buddy had a charger to loan me, space to leave it in his basement, and finally that the battery only needed about 2m of charging for the charger to give it the thumbs up. Awesome!