Easy FTP mirroring with wget

There are a lot of tools out there for mirroring data, but sometimes you just want to do something very simple: download the latest contents of a FTP directory while leaving what you have already downloaded alone. wget supports a mirror command that provides this exact functionality. Just enter the directory where you would like to store the mirror and execute this command:

wget --mirror [prot]://[username]:[password]@[hostname]/[directory to mirror]

Slide40 – Presentations with 8-bit style

Slide40 is a program for displaying slide presentations in a style inspired by the personal computers of the late 1970’s. The display mimics a TV screen showing only 40 columns of text in an all-caps font built from big blocky fuzzy pixels. I created it partly as a joke, and partly as a minimalist artistic reaction to the highly-decorative but meaningless presentations made by abusers of modern presentation software.

Remove .svn files recursively

Today I needed to convert a Subversion working copy (aka a checkout) into an export. Recursively blowing away all of the .svn directories in DOS (Windows XP) didn’t seem to be straightforward so I ended up using UNIX find in cygwin. Here is the command:

find . -type d -name '.svn' -exec rm -rf {} \;

The command was provided here, and the following is documentation from the man page.

  • find :: Execute the find command
  • . :: Path in which to start
  • -type d :: File is of type ’d’, a directory.
  • -name ’.svn’ :: The file name on which to match, .svn.
  • -exec rm -rf {} \; :: Execute this command for every file that is found. The string ’{}’ is replaced by the current file name being processed. The semi-colon is escaped by a backslash. While reading the man page, I also found that you probably should enclose the braces in single quote marks.


Out of the box, WP-Syntax colors code using the default GeSHi colors. Per the authors advice in the ‘Advanced Customization’ section of Other Notes, you can configure GeSHi yourself by handling the wp_syntax_init_geshi hook and configuring it programmatically.
Since I wanted to do just that, I decided to publish a generic plugin, called wp-syntax-rettke, for folks who wanted to configure GeSHi following this approach.