Simplest Document Setup for a Logo

My goal is to create a logo. It doesn’t have to be a Paul Rand quality logo. Instead, I just gotta like it. Adobe Illustrator (AI) is a fine tool for the job.

AI is flexible. Working in it feels more to me like programming than illustration. Don’t get me wrong though, it is a tool for designers, and, I am not. Although every Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) application includes at least one built in JavaScript interpreter, I am not talking about programming here. Instead the similarities between programming and illustrating are that

  • You are working in your cognitive space with the computer as the meta-medium
  • Creativity ebbs and flows, it is critical
  • So too having a plan is critical

My plan follows.

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Chapter 4. 0104 Top Ten Hits From Andy 7:49

  • Presenter’s name is Andy
  • Shares his favorite ten features
  • These are all new ideas so they are introductory for me
  • Context for me is
    • Keyboard templates
    • Logos and icons for just about everything
  • Top ten follows
  • Custom Toolbar
    • Of course, great idea, I only ever use three to give at least for keyboards
  • Pathfinder Options
    • Merge multiple simple objects into a single object
  • The Width Tool
    • Increase the width of a object interactively
    • Resize multiple parts
  • Rule Guides
    • Make guides
    • Is this for symbol layout on keycaps?
  • Duplicate Last Function
    • Nice for symbol placement
    • Store functions for symbol placement algorithm?
  • Gradient Mesh
    • Create multi-dimensional objects
  • Touch Type Tool
    • Modify individual characters as a unique object while remaining part of the original text
  • Appearance Panel
    • Always include this
    • Single panel for every aspect of the object
    • Is this where layers go?
  • Image Trace
    • Automatically convert an image to an object
  • Live Paint
    • Bucket fill for objects?
  • Look forward to my top-ten

Chapter 3. How You Will Learn And Working Files 3:53

  • Teacher shares his philosophy+strategy for learning followed by detailed advice on implementation
    • Discipline+perseverance+self-control
    • Great working files
  • Attitude is everything
  • Great recording quality
    • Speedy
  • Fonts are easy to read
  • Brown and yellow theme
  • Must follow lectures in order
    • Must grok before moving ahead
  • Bring your own goals into the training
    • Great reminder!


SVG is a markup language for describing two-dimensional graphics applications and images, and a set of related graphics script interfaces.

That is probably one of the “understatements of the century” kind of things. At least, it would appear that way to folks like myself who have never worked with such things (nor had the need to hand-code Postscript as seemingly many others have).
The fact that full access to the document is provided for the HTML container and is entirely accessible both to and from JavaScript makes this a quite amazing computational/visual platform.