An Infinite Expression of Love

Love is the infinite blossoming of pure-reason and the desire to express the creative aspect of consciousness in all of its forms according to the boundaries of this reality. We are that expression in all of its forms and we serve to create an environment where that expression of divine creativity may unfold by kindly and perseveringly serving all of humanity.

The Opportunity in Embarrassment

“Embarrassing” is an adjective. It classifies things that cause shame to a person. The act of being embarrassed is composed or 3 parts.
In the first part one learns something new about themselves. Generally learning new things about oneself is a pleasant and exciting process. That thing that was just learned was not expected at all by the subject. It is new and surprising information. Generally learning new and surprising things are fun. The third aspect is where the subject decides that the new information is shameful in some way. The first two parts of the process are really neat and fun and the third part is horrible. This is where the opportunity lies.
When you reach the 3rd part stop yourself. Determine whether it is you, or your mind, that has decided that you should be ashamed. It is probably your mind. Only your mind would say that “in fact, 2 outta 3, is bad”. That is negative and crummy. If 67% of the situation is good then stick with that.
Every time you become embarrassed take it as a delightful opportunity to ignore your negative mind and tell it instead to cheer up and enjoy this opportunity for self-transformation that just appeared in front of you.

Anatomy of the Meditative Brain @YI_Mag

The purpose of this course is not to make you a brain scientist or anatomist, but rather to give you knowledge of the functions of the parts of the brain so that you can self-direct your neuroplasticity and ultimately deepen your meditation practice.

Concise, informative, delightful, and uplifting, this course makes the best use of 45m of your time to touch upon some cutting edge research that is easily consumed and digested into actionable items to enrich your life and others.