SAS University Edition Setup

Today I set up SAS UE on VMWare Fusion. Everything went fine.

It allowed 4 GB of RAM allocation.

SAS UniversityEdition:Installation Guide for OS X


  • OS: OS X 10.8+, 64bit
  • Allows: 2 CPU
  • Recommends: Allocate max \frac{1}{2} of available RAM to VM
  • Browser: Chrome

Using VMware Fusion

  • Verified integrity of the download
  • Extracted archive to

    mkdir ~/VMWare
  • Created the UE working directory

    mkdir -p ~/git/github/sas/SASUniversityEdition/myfolders/
  • Booted up, logged in, wrote

Additional Configuration

  • Settings
    • Processors & Memory
      • Processors: 2 processor cores
      • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    • Other
      • Isolation
        • ☐ Enable Drag and Drop
        • ☐ Enable Copy and Paste
  • Linefeeds

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