Emacs Keyboard Design 30: Smaller Modifiers

  • After 3 years using single-key modifiers on a MBP and HP laptop I can do the same thing here.
  • USB spec defines all F keys so use them and see what happens
  • Get rid of right side of board in the process


  • Start with version 29
  • Add F13 to F24
  • Make bottom 1 wide:
    • Because
      • They are flow interrupting actions
      • It is OK to find home with 1 key
    • Keys
      • Alt
      • Meta
      • Ctrl
      • Gui
      • Ultra
      • Shift
  • Leave middle modifiers alone because they are pinky used; need to be large
  • Make spacebar and enter 4 wide
    • 3 is too small
    • 4 is perfect
  • Move arrows below right hyper
  • Move pgup pgdn below left hyper
    • Make them 1.5w
  • Move home above left arrow and end above right arrow
  • Move caps lock above escape making it 1w
  • Move insert and delete above backspace left
  • This leaves PrSc, ScrollLock, and Pause hanging
    • Replace CapsLock with PrSc and del caps lock
    • Delete Scroll Lock and Pause
    • Make delete and insert wide
  • Made F4 and F7 homing keys if it isn’t obvious

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