Dyalog at 25

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  • The Ugly Duckling
  • PCs made things slower. More available, and slower. That was the challenge.
  • APL made serious money
  • Dyadic Systems Limited + Zilog = Dyalog
    • Happy accident at the near portmanteau of dialog
  • Interpreter implementation
    • By committee an spec: 28 man months
    • By free team making their own decisions: 14 man months
  • “subtle and profound differences”
    • Our favorite kind! 😊
  • Nested-array schism decision
  • single page marketing strategy, five page technical guide
  • Regarding Dyalog sales in the educational market
    • “most university computer departments regarded APL as some kind of devil worship”
  • “like ducks to water”
  • “moving all in”
  • Runtime licenses are important once you sell everyone your product
  • Graphics demo duck
  • “we had a dress code. When we became Dyalog, we became scruffy”
  • Helpful read to get a sense of the APL landscape as it exists today

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