Emacs Keyboard Design 37: Possible

  • Small changes to a 104 key ANSI skyrocket the price
  • Stay close to the standard to make it affordable


  • Start with the ANSI 104 preset
  • Delete the numpad to make it a tenkeyless
  • Make the spacebar 6w, they do exist
  • Make Ctrl, Win, Menu 1w
    • Make them Emacs keys, with the front text the real key code
  • Difficult to press shift-C-M-s-H, so add Ultra
    • C-M-s-H is easily done
  • Place Alt and Gui below Delete and End
  • Meh key below PgDn
    • No better name, this is the standard
    • Control-Alt-Shift
  • Fn below Alt for F13-F24
    • For anything more, makes sense
    • Faster than toggling to a layer
    • Add mouse keys here maybe
  • Layer below Meh
    • Easily toggle to any particular layer
    • Don’t need individual keys for them
  • Thoughts
    • Can buy keycap set from any MX compatible provider (nearly all of them)
      • Costs less
    • Pay for a 104 key keycap set and repurpose the numpad keys as Emacs keys
      • Costs less
    • Sticks with 6 rows
      • Keys at correct height
    • OS and Emacs keys can happily and easily coexist
    • Fn and Layer handle just about everything

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