Chapter 99. Generating Layers And Moving Objects 5:34

  • Two workflows in AI
    • Path of logic and order
      • Watch what you are doing
      • Organize the document up front
    • Having fun with the journey
      • Don’t watch what you are doing logically
      • End up with complicated document in one layer
  • Layers → Properties → Flatten Artwork
    • Flatten all layers
    • Cool!
  • In the Layer panel you can expand that layer to show all of the objects that live inside of it
    • Groups are containers so they are expandable
  • If you aggressively utilize Groups for all of you Objects then even if you did place everything in one layer you can easily pull out group(s) of objects into a new layer.
  • For each layer you choose a color of the bounding box for when you select something in that layer
    • This helps you make sense of making selections in a multi-layer document
  • When you make selections in one layer a little filled square appears on the right side of the layer. If you drag that box into a another layer that will move those objects into that layer.
  • Paste-in-place → many uses
  • Cannot wait to set up the keyboard using AI

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