CB750F: Day 08

Tonight was mostly Q&A along with cleaning; I won’t be able to rebuild the carbs before class ends tomorrow.
May I leave the trickle charger on? Yes. Does the kickstand or center stand need new rubber? No and maybe. Ratio of water to simple green for the ultrasonic carb clean? 2/1. May I leave parts here over break? Yes. Do I need to replace the gas in the tank? No, it is already OK. Should I get a new air cleaner? Yes. Does carb cleaner damage the seals? Yes, that is why we took them out. How do I measure the petcock line? Inner diameter. Are digital torque wrenches any good? Maybe, but they are generally fragile.
Took the exhaust, muffler, and chain guard home. It took a while but I cleaned most of the 3cm of gunk accumulated in the chain guard off.

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