Very long term cold wallet with single passphrase generation

Make it easier to create a wallet by requiring only:

  1. A good passphrase for it along with a Salt
  2. A WarpWallet implementation to rebuild it.

Not BIP-39 with a passphrase and yet

“as secure as BIP39 although much more convenient and user friendly.” ―Bitcoin Glossary#WarpWallet

Interesting idea gone into great detail here.

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Airgap Security: Thinking Is Required

Cold-wallets and PSBTs are powerful, intimidating, and valuable.

Whether you use them or not: learn as much about them as you can.

Here is a kind and detailed introduction.

Valuable topics—like this—require time and effort to study and learn.

Learn it before you need it.

12 or 24 Words in your BIP-39 Wallet? Use a passphrase or not?

On Sep 20, 2018:

If the attacker needs your 24-word seed and your passphrase, that is a good security mechanism. It means that if somebody finds your 24-word seed lying around, you shouldn’t have it lying around, but if they do find it and it’s not sufficiently physically secured, then brute-forcing it, brute forcing the password, will require either a lot of infrastructure or a lot of time. ―Andreas M. Antonopoulos

A relatively complex passphrase will keep you safe for several weeks, a month. A very strong complex passphrase will keep you safe for months; unless the person is willing to spend a million dollars on hardware to break that passphrase. ―Andreas M. Antonopoulos

TODO: Find out how long it takes today.

How much does it take your Bitcoin wallet?

How much does it take your Non-Bitcoin wallet?