Razer Kiyo Pro On macOS Essential Setup Guide


The RAZER KIYO PRO (from here on simply referred to as a proper-noun Kiyo) is a beloved (eg: PC Mag: 4/5, Tom’s Guide: 4.5/5, DCW: 4.5/5, Amazon: 4.4/5 on 4,514 ratings) and fairly priced (Amazon: $80USD) webcam. Although Kiyo is unsupported on macOS using the proprietary software package Synapse3, Kiyo mostly works out of the box. With some preparation and reflection however you can get it working exactly how you like.

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Managing files in the OLPC XO datastore

The only official way to get files in and out of the datastore is to drag and drop a single file at a time, and this only works on USB thumbdrives, not on the filesystem.

There is ticket for a workaround using a Python script; if you use an XO, please offer encouragement to get this functionality integrated with the XO.

Here is the ticket.

OLPC XO Answers about hardware

The OLPC XO Wiki has a questions and answers page. Today I took look at the hardware page and found a few important bits:

  • JFFS2 compresses your data, performs wear leveling, and manages bad blocks so you don’t need to worry about the fact you are writing to flash.
  • USB “thumbdrives” should be formatted to FAT32.
  • Although the CPU supports sleep mode, and the hardware detects the the lid closing, the XO will not automatically enter sleep mode on lid closing until some time next year.
  • The XO can remain plugged in constantly; the battery will not get overcharged.