(Happiness) Who Do You Need To Be A Hero To?

If you have something that helps you be happy in life, and you want to share it with the world, then you need a detailed and structured plan for making it happen.

Put it on paper under these headings:

  • Vision
  • Skills
  • Resources
  • Incentive
  • Action Plan

If any heading is a little light, then dig into it and fill it out before moving forward.

Share it with your friends and family. Make it happen.

You might call it being a hero, or good, good friend.

Who do you need to be a hero to?

(Happiness) Most Pain Is Caused My Carelessness

Workout too much or too little.

Have fun too often or too little.

Vent too much or too little.

A sense of wonder about how we live, its impact on our happiness, courage to wonder about possibilities, and willingness to play around with making a different approach in life can alleviate some of that pain. Quickly.

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